Memories of GLO 856C

"I obtained the car, GLO 856C in about 1972 and owned it for about 2 years. I think I paid £400 and it was in pretty good condition. I had progressed from a Mk1 1500 GT so it was quite exciting. In an effort to improve the sound of the car, I removed the air box. Big mistake- as I didn’t have the foresight to change the jets to richen the mixture. All went well until I burnt out the exhaust valves! The head was sorted by a Lotus/U2 specialist in Welwyn, Herts called Chambers & Gillies. The twin 40DCOE’s were balanced by IWR (Ian Walker Racing) in Finchley, N. London."

"The 50mph 1st gear potential caught a few people out at traffic lights as I took off and I ended up with a series of replaced front wings. This prompted the coachworks to suggest I have them fitted with wing nuts!"

"At the time, I was working in advertising/publicity, and used a photographer friend to take these shots- hence the good quality. What about me with those side burns! Wish I still had those - and the fringe."

"Another friend had a Mark2 1600GT Cortina and asked to do a straight swap, which I did. That brings me to the end of my story."

Best wishes,

Martin Sage
Bedfordshire, England

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