Cortina Ogle GT Found!!

And it's Lotus Twin-Cam Powered!

"I have found a Lotus engined Cortina special in the Philippines. It's complete as far as I can tell, except for the bonnet emblem. Now it is Moss green 2 door, it was built by Harold Ratford Coachbuilders Ltd. The chassis plate is missing but there is a small rectangular plate near the right bonnet hinge that reads xxx rhd 253. It has a twincam engine Lotus badge on the grill, rear screen wiper, alloy grill with 2 spots mounted in it. Lucas rear view mirror, individual back seats with center console, center console in the front, boot release on drivers floor, rostyle steel wheels, and unusual rear end and Webasto sun roof. Oh, and badges on the back that say Ogle England."

"Here is the problem- the Ogle Registry (very helpful nice guy) says that this car was built for Sterling Moss and is in England in a garage rotting away. But if that's the case, what is its identical twin (that was never built) doing in a garage in the Philippines rotting away?"

"I have seen it and touched it. It is in a collection with a whole lot of other cars from the 1920s up to the mid 80s- too many to list, lots of them are run-of-the-mill American from the late 40s to mid 50s. The Cortina has a few stickers on it from some now long defunct Philippine racing club and is sitting in a lean-to shed. As such, the only part exposed to the ever present rain is the front. If it was used for competion only and kept garaged, thats what saved it. The only real rust and bubbles are on the front edge of the bonnet. Its tires have rotted off but the car is not beyond repair. Does any one have a clue if its worth saving????? "

"In the picture above, you can see where I cleaned the Harold Radford Coachbuilders Ltd door treads to read the name."

"Actually the guys we took to see the collection are from the U.S. and walked right past the Cortina and did not even notice it. I noticed that it was not standard and then spent 30 minutes getting the bonnet open to see if it had a twincam."

"The Filipino you can see in the picture Is Miguel Ramirez son of Pocholo Ramirez the famous racing driver. Miguel owns a restoration shop at the Subic International Raceway. The race track is owned by his father and 5 minutes from my house. Miguel is the one that knew of the collection and arranged for us to visit. If I was to go ahead and get this car Miguel would be the one to bring it back to life."

"The reason we all went looking for cars that day was so the American guys could get cars for Miguel to restore and ship to the U.S. The other plan is to send cars in need of restoration from the U.S. to Subic for the work and then return them. The work here is first class and the price is unbelievable when compared to the UK or US. There is a constant flow of vehicles between Japan and Miguel's shop some of the projects very interesting, they have a virtual production line for Fiat 500s, 6 to a container and off they go to Japan in Brand new condition with all new mechanicals. Email me if you would like to see any of the Fiats. I will send you a before and after 1 month shot of my current project with Miguel. Its not a cortina but it will give you a feel for what we do here and why we stumbled across the Ogle GT."

Hope this helps,

Happy New Year!

Andy W.

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Cool Artist's Drawing from an original Ogle Brochure hosted on Andrew Hardie's Cortina Website.

Nicely labeled Line drawing of Interior from an original Ogle Brochure hosted on Andrew Hardie's Cortina Website.

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