The restoration of this car has cost thousands of hours in time and thousands of dollars in money. I would like to thank Wanda for putting up with the restoration project over the last five years.  Wanda frequently questioned whether or not the car would ever be finished.  I am not sure at what point she realized I was serious....then again I am not sure at what point I thought I was serious too.  I would also like to thank my brother Wib.  Wib has an invested interest in this car as we purchased it jointly for a rally car.  The first day Wib seen it in its restored state, his first question was "Do you think we can enter it in the October Night Navix?".  I would also like to thank Steve Sawler for his many hours in helping me with the body work and refinishing (or is it the other way around Steve?).  Shortly after completing the paint work on this car, Steve moved to New Zealand.  I think he wanted to go where at all of the Cortinas have survived the harsh Canadian climate.

Why a Cortina?

I have had a keen interest in Cortinas since I purchased a '68 GT.  I soon realized just how much abuse those cars would take (something like the Energizer Bunny).  It was after I had the car for a couple of months that I decided that I couldn't abuse it enough on the open road. That is when I became interested in car rallying.  I pounded the GT over all the back roads and cart tracks that I could find and yet the car never complained.  Eventually, I decided to sell my GT and move up to V8 power.

It was at this time that my brother purchased a '70 GT and that became our rally vehicle.  It was the following year that I had a telephone call from my local Ford dealer....the salesman on the phone said "Look, we have just taken in on trade a Cortina with a funny engine in it.  The engine doesn't sound great but I thought maybe you might want to have a look at the car".  I couldn't think what he was talking about but I rushed down to the garage and there it was..a '67 Cortina Lotus MKII.  I had seen one other before so I quickly recognized what it was.

Body wise, the car was immaculate but the engine had a couple of weak cylinders.  The asking price was $450 so I rounded up my brother and we purchased it.  This was the beginning of a long relationship with a Cortina Lotus.

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