Graham Gauld assembled a collection of reminiscences written by Ian Scott Watson, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, John Surtees, Gerard Crombac, Bill Bryce, Eoin Young, Walter Hayes and Colin Chapman, into this tribute to Jim Clark. Work began on it within a few weeks of the accident of April 7 1968 that took the life of the brilliant driver, N and it was published that same year, by Arco Publishing Company, Inc. New York, New York. Proceeds of it's original sale were to benefit the Jim Clark Foundation.

From the chapter by Colin Chapman:

"I think, for example, that he used to enjoy Cortina racing just because he enjoyed racing- he got a lot of fun from it. In fact he used to tell me that some of the most enjoyable rides, from his own personal point of view, were when he drove Cortinas, because the car was relatively difficult- it wasn't a precise racing car, it was a car that you could play around with, throw about."

Included is a photo of Jim Clark throwing a snowball at the camera, at the introduction photo-shoot for the new Ford Cortina, at Cortina, Italy. He hurt his back during the following snowball fight.

I am not sure of its ISBN number- my copy carries a Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 68-55305, and an ARCO Catalog Number 668-01842-9. It is 204 pages with many black and white photographs (lots of Cortinas), and a section of color plates, including a nice double-page reproduction of a Michael Turner print from 1965.

No longer published, it is only available from used book stores, and from collectors.

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