This is a 67 page 8 inch by 11 inch magazine with slightly glossy cover, and newsprint pages (brown and brittle), published in April 1966 as part of the "Championship Driving Series", part of a quarterly series by Performance Publications, Inc. 211 West 58th Street, New York, New York 10019. It is Volume 1, number 1, and it's cover price was 50 cents. I suppose others issues were intended.

Lotus Cortinas are pictured 5 times (black and white images), but mentioned only briefly in 3 paragraphs of text on pages 38 and 39. The text is nothing new or original, but I like the photo on page 29, showing the drive down the Bobsled run at Cortina, Italy, printed larger than I have ever seen it before. It's pretty scary how high up on the bank he was! Of course, I wonder... did he start the car by running along pushing it, then leaping in and settling down before driving?

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