This 128 page soft-cover manual was compiled by S.F. Page and published by the JH Haynes and Company, Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset. My copy is dated 1972, but I assume it is a later re-print of an earlier edition. No ISBN number is listed.

It is divided into 13 chapters, with many black and white line drawings illlustrating the text. The only photographs are a few Ford publicity stills of various Cortina and Corsair models, but none of the Lotus variant. However, there is a small simple line drawing of the dash layout of the pre-air-flow Lotus that I have not seen before. Also, there are nice line drawings of the engines, including the twin-cam.

The twin-cam engine is discussed in the Engine chapter, and the side-draft Weber carburetters are given 4 pages of coverage at the end of the Carburetters & Fuel System chapter. But that's it. No mention of the rear axle differences. Only a one piece drive shaft is shown. Wiring diagrams don't show Lotus differences.

No longer published, it is available from used book stores, and from collectors.

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