Roger Clark "authored" (Graham Robson helped) this account of his rallying days, originally published in 1976 by Motor Racing Publications Ltd. Unit 6 The Pilton Estate, 46 Pitlake, Croydon CRO 3RY. It was reprinted in 1998. ISBN 1-899870-27-X

The book has 11 chapters and 3 appendixes, has 256 pages and many pictures of Cortina GTs and Lotus Cortinas. He describes the transition from the MKI GT rally cars, to the MKI Lotus Cortina cars, which enjoyed rallying success when they shed their track-successful a-frame rear suspension for the live axles of the GTs. Also, he describes the un-successful efforts at rallying the MKII Lotus Cortinas, as they apparently tended to become "Sausages" or "bananas" as the entire bodies bent from use. On page 78 he states: "Our solution back at Boreham was to throw the bodies away after every rough rally; There wasn't much point in trying to develop the trouble away, because we all had an idea we might not be using them in 1968." Of course, what was coming in 1968 was the Ford Escort, another small Ford that Clark would drive to numerous rallying victories.

The limited reprinting in 1998 was done in his honor, as he had passed away that year, and contains a foreword by Graham Robson not included in the original. It is still available on order from local bookstores.

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