This CD was produced and published by Ford Motorsport in February 2001, and contains 111 black and white and color photographs, using a browser interface. It has text in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Lotus Cortinas and Cortina GTs are the subject of 11 pages, with links to "low" resolution (1 Mb uncompressed jpeg) images and to awesome "high" resolution (16 Mb uncompressed jpeg) images. A little (very little) explanatory text is found on each page. Below is a set of thumbnails from the CD, linked to "sample pages" from the CD. The high resolution and low resolution pictures links are not active. Click the picture or the link.

East African Safari 1964
Cortina GTs
Tour de France 1964
French Alpine Rally 1964
Cortina GT
1966 Acropolis Rally
1966 RAC RAlly
1967 Scottish Rally
Roger Clarke's MKII Lotus Cortina
1964, Spa, Belgium
1965, Sir John Whitmore's Lotus Cortina
1965 Marlboro Endurance Race
1965 "Clutch of Champions"
Including Lotus Cortinas
1963 London-Cape Town
Cortina 1500 Super

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