In 1967, the boxier MKII Lotus Cortina first appeared on road and rally circuits. It was not as rugged as the earlier MKI, and the lighter, quicker and stronger Ford Escort was already being developed and beginning to appear. This larger format (8 1/2 inch by 11 inch) booklet was published by Castrol Limited, Marylebone Road, London, N.W.1 and features several color phtographs of Lotus Cortinas at the Scotland Rally (won by Roger Clark) and several black and white photographs of other MKIIs in other events of the European circuit, completed with more disappointing results. Lotus Cortinas are shown elsewhere in the booklet, but my personal favorite by far is the color picture of an Ermine White w/green flash MKII that includes the "Wheelwench with winning ways", Anita Taylor. Note the Ermine coat. And the "Sherwood Green" mini-skirt.

Below, several images from page 10, at the Scotland Rally of 1967.

Original copies are rare. The page paper, now glossy but still not high quality, discolors and turns brittle with age. Booklets are only available from collectors.

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