This is a little 5 inch wide by 7.5 inch tall green jacketed book of 154 pages, written by Sydney F. Page. It was first published in April 1964, with a second edition published in September 1965 by Cassell & Company Ltd., 35 Red Lion Square, London WC1 as part of the Cassell Motoring Series.

Apart from being listed on the book jacket, the Cortina-Lotus hardly makes an appearance in this book at all. A nice cut-away line drawing by James A. Allington is included, and 2 tiny photographs (one exterior, and one of the instrument panel of a pre-air-flow Cortina-Lotus) are shown. Also, the Cortina-Lotus differences are described in the first chapter "Introduction to the Ford Cortina". But that is it. Don't buy this book, except for the sense of completeness that it might lend to your book-shelf.\

No longer published, and quite rare. It is only available from used booksellers.

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