Sleeping Beauty
in New Hampshire

I kept the MKII outdoors, underneath plastic and tarpaulins, while I stripped off all glass, and whatever trim was left. It was delivered to a local Sand-blast / Bead-blast shop Longwood Autobody, Deering, New Hampshire), where it was rolled it out back for a few more weeks of storage. Have to wait for a slow week... No one is in any kind of rush, right?

In mid February of 2000, they rolled the MKII into the bead-blast booth, and proceeded to strip off at least 6 layers of paint and plastic filler. Then they pushed it outside to an open area, with a rolling hoist on overhead I-Beam, and lifted the car so that the under-side could be cleaned with sand. Finally, they went over any top-side "red rust" areas exposed by the bead-blasting with sand again.

Then self-etching primer was sprayed onto the entire car, inside and out. 24 hours later, I was able to haul it back home. Here, it was pushed back into the dry barn, and covered with another tarpaulin. Where it now sits. Waiting. Sleeping.

Breaking News! I just heard from Steve Holdner of Longwood Autobody, who told me about a new spray metalizer he has acquired. He sent the link to his website, that has a few pictures of some restoration work using it. It looks like an appropriate tool for repairing a formerly rusty MKII Lotus Cortina... I may have to drive by for another visit soon, to persuade him to take some pictures of MY car...

Pictures of the MKII

1963 Cortina GT

1965 Lotus Cortina MKI

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