1969-1970 Lotus Cortina Dash Wiring

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Note diagram is of the backside of the dash and instruments for a Right Hand Drive (RHD) vehicle.

Instrument Panel Electrical Wiring Color Codes

CodeColor                CodeColor
1Red                47Blue/Light Green tracer
4Red/Blue tracer                51Black
5Red/Black tracer                52Black/Red tracer
6Red/White tracer                57Black/Light Green tracer
7Red/Light Green tracer                61White
8Red/Brown tracer                62White/Red tracer
11Yellow                64White/Green tracer
14Yellow/Green tracer                65White/Blue tracer
19Yellow/Purple tracer                66White/Black tracer
21Green                68White/Brown tracer
22Green/Red tracer                71Brown
23Green/Yellow tracer                73Brown/Yellow tracer
24Green/Blue tracer                74Brown/Green tracer
25Green/Black tracer                77Brown/White tracer
26Green/White tracer                79Brown/Purple tracer
31Light Green                80Brown/Orange tracer
34Light Green/Blue tracer                81Purple
35Light Green/Black tracer                82Purple/Red tracer
38Light Green/Brown tracer                85Purple/Blue tracer
41Blue                86Purple/Black tracer
42Blue/Red tracer                87Purple/White tracer
45Blue/Black tracer                91Pink/White tracer
46Blue/White tracer                

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