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Actually, Peter, it's a little more complicated than that. You see,
according to an internal company memo, the regular paint squirter at
Chestnut, a Mr. Clwyd Aignog was taken with the flu between February 12,
1965 and February 17, 1965, and the replacement squirter duly taped off the
cap for those 6 days of production. That is why the 1966 Parts Supplement
issued by FOE shows two caps as original equipment, 211E-9030-AA as well as
211E-9030-AAFA, the first with paint, and the second without. These parts
were only available for 45 days before being superceded by a consolidated
part number for all Cortina LCs. I've sent a copy to Mark for the archives,
but made him promise not to reproduce it, as the lady who lent it to me
said her father swore her to secrecy on the filched document which he
"liberated" from the production office. It's always something. Norm


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The painted gas cap is period correct for an LC.
Infact I can remember my Dad's 65 GT also having a cap painted the body
color .....

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