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Think what you are suggesting here  .....   2000 hours is 250 days or on a
40 hour week, 50 weeks.
I know people who have restored bent Ferrari Aluminum bodies in less time.
I based the hours on a 40 hour week - i.e. 5 weeks of work. That is quite
doable for a good body man. 
The body looks bad, but actually the basic structure is intact.

I am no expert body man, but if I add up the time I spent on the body (not
the paint prep and final painting) on my car, I probably spent 800 hours on
my car (excluding re-work on the wrong directions that I took). Considering
my lack of expertise, half that and you are in the ball park of 400 hours
for expert work to do my car, and that is what a body man quoted me.
On my car I had to replace (not repair) both the inner and outer front
wings, the inner and outer sills both sides, the front floors, the rear
wings, and the entire trunk area. I also had to repair huge holes in both A
pillars, repaired both sides of the lower inner panels above the foot well,
repair hand size holes in both sides of the upper outer front bulkhead,
replace all the chassis outriggers, and replace or repair over 50% of the
chassis rails.
Bear in mind my car was not just a rust bucket, it was in-expertly repaired,
and butchered as a race car.
I speak with a degree of intimate knowledge when I say that as bad as this
car looks, it is not that much of a challenge.


Peter Pentz
Peter.pentz at gmail.com
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Thanks for the link.  It answers some questions I still had about the order
of assembly.  The axle stiffness would be at least twice, maybe a bit more. 
If that effort took 1,200 hour the current e-bay rust bucket is got to be
going on 2,000 hours, not 200.  When you can see right through the box
section under the boot floor, the rest of it is held together by the paint,
and will vanish as the paint is stripped.  I have worked on some pretty
rusty crap.  I am not saying its not worth restoration, just that it is not
going to be easy.

In your earlier tale, at least there were rivets, as I have said before,
I've found the bondo over top of a soggy rolled up Chicago Times.  That was
promoting the rust of the inner sill shear panel.  And it is good that the
car has not been repaired, the double hulled LC would have taken more effort
to fix, and it was a decent looking, running, MOT'd car when bought by the
guy who had it restored.

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>I think this happily falls in the class of over engineering in the case of
> the rear axle !
> Beautiful restoration - good set of photos.
> ion/
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