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Peter Pentz peter.pentz at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 01:56:31 UTC 2016

You guys never fail to amaze me ......
Personally I couldn't give 2 cents as to how mucking around with an O2
sensor on a Pontiac (?!) has anything to do with matters Cortina, let alone
Fomoco. It's not even a related product !

This is not a general motoring / gearhead forum, if you don't have anything
Cortina / Fomoco relevant to say guys, don't say it !
Is anyone monitoring this forum ?

Just my 2 cents.
BTW - still busy repairing the damage to my race Scort Twincam - why do I
keep on torturing myself with doing body repairs myself ?

Peter Pentz
Campton Hills, Illinois, USA

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Thanks for the response.  I had not heard of the narrow band sensor tactics.

I did not envision a permanent lean, just one to take place under cruise
conditions where inlet heating would lower the lean combustion instability
limit.  And I think you are right about the NOX issue, but when was acid
rain last in the news?  Its all about the global warming now.  From what
I've read, inlet heating limits the maximum power by detonation, and the
lean combustion limit goes down with increased heating.  I think at the
limit, at least some precombustion reactions occur, which significantly
reduce the lean limit.  This: http://www.376mpg.com/, the fabled 75 mpg
carburetor of the mid 70's, and Smokey Yunick's hot vapor system are all of
the same ilk.  Some heat reduces charge density, and therefore vacuum work,
more reduces the lean combustion limit, at the risk of introducing knock
which could be a problem.  So I am not looking to destroy my engine, but
still stick it to big oil.

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>> I have not heard from anyone on the list either.  Nothing Cortina
>> related to report, I am working on a hot/cold inlet for my Pontiac Vibe,
>> hoping to push into the 50 mpg range.  Does anyone know what the Wood's
>> gas guys do to game the fuel injection into running lean?  Something
>> with the O2 sensor?  Add resistance, or voltage to the signal?
> If you're running a wideband O2 sensor and a reasonably configurable ECU 
> you can target any AFR you want.
> My understanding at a high level (because that's as much as I heard about 
> it, not in specifics) of how a certain automaker did this some years ago 
> with conventional narrow-band O2 sensors of the time (not particularly 
> being EPA legal, of course) was to build logic into the ECU to detect when

> the engine had settled into a reasonably-close-to-steady-state light load 
> condition, and when in that condition it would reduce the fuel flow by 
> some percentage of a short-term average for a short period, periodically 
> returning to stoich to reevaluate load and fuel-flow.
> There are conditions where you don't want to be running lean, of course, 
> so a permanent lean-bias could be a dangerous (and likely to blow your 
> smog-test NOx readings) thing.
> John Miller.
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