[Cortina-list] Rust sometimes sleeps

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Fri Jun 26 04:32:24 UTC 2015

On 6/25/2015 8:49 PM, cortina-list at lotus-cortina.com wrote:
> The rust basically disappears. It leaves some black residue that
> comes off with steel wool.

Stories abound of folks soaking Model A frames, sometimes even entire 
old car bodies in agricultural molasses for a while, which apparently 
works quite well given the space but the odor is reputedly not 

I'm envisioning this one (from their website):



Ideal for doing large items in place, requires a pump to continuously
recirculate the product over the rusted area with a catch tarp of some
type to hold enough product in the area to let the pump keep its prime
to keep re circulating the product over the area until the rust has all
been dissolved. Many different pumps will work, but a $59.00 sump pump
from Sears and a garden hose have done everything to date on our website.


So there you go.  10x15 feet of driveway, garage, or side yard, some 2x8 
to curb yourself a shower pan, a pump and some hose and/or PVC pipe. 
Tempting to try it.

John Miller.

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