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So, just what does it do, Lou?... I'm temped to get some for my LoCort, but I'm afraid the car might disappear..

Jody Fonseca

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>I've worked on infommercials. I know how to bend the truth but in this case I am kinda speechless.
>I live in a high moisture environment about 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The summer fog that San Francisco is known for is actually made down the street. That being said I'm always looking for various rust preventatives and removers etc.
>I got sidetracked on the interwebs a while back with that car in Oklahoma that was buried as a time capsule. They unearthed it a few years ago and it was a holy mess. This chemical rust remover company got involved and took on the restoration project as a promotion. 
>I went and ordered a gal. of this stuff cuz I was desperate to find something new. I finally got around to trying it out and it has completely blown my mind.
>Ultra One Degreaser and Safest Rust Remover
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>| Ultra One Degreaser and Safest Rust RemoverUltra One Corporation Product Manufacturer Edgewater Industrial Park 112 East Avenue,Unit 8 Hackettstown, NJ 07840 Tel: 908-684-5444 Fax: 908-684-5455 in... |
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>  It kinda all stinks of some sort Dr. Bonners cult bullshit but I was turned. It was $100 for a gal. 1 part secret stuff to 4 parts water.
>A bit scary that it worked so well.
> lou weinert
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