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Fri Jun 19 05:37:20 UTC 2015

Thanks for all of the input.  John, thanks I hadn't really thought about 
the cyclical load the A/C compressor was going to impose.  I had thought 
about the aftermarket covers, i.e. Dave Bean or Burton. I have built at 
least one motor with the stock and one with the Dave Bean unit and both 
were fine. My front covers are not the most pristine in the universe and 
it is probably worth the cash up front.  In the spill the beans 
department, my boss had a great suggestion of mounting the compressor 
where the generator normally mounts and then mounting the alternator 
elsewhere. I am going to use one of those exceptionally cute Denso 
alternators it should not be too hard to find a home for it.

One of the other posts was about the 101 other bits and pieces needed.  
I am lucky I have a spare complete Vintage Aire system and I have a 
spare Cortina heater fresh air box. I know it will take work but I am 
confident I can cannibalize the vintage aire, gut the Cortina unit and 
make something that looks like the Cortina stock system but refreshes on 
those hot California summer days.  The only reason I am even thinking 
about it now is I don't want to start hacking my completed and painted 
body apart. I want to do the hacking before the paint.

Nothing is ever easy department:  After struggling with some difficult 
bits, I decided to tackle something easy.  I had noticed that the hood 
hinge brackets had been bent backwards.  The incident in the car's past 
that required the right front fender to be replaced had involved the 
hood. The blow to the front had bent the hood hinges. This seemed like a 
quickie. You drill out the spot welds take the bracket off, bang a bit 
on the fender sheet metal, bang a bit more on the hinge and then weld it 
all back.  Nope, nothing is ever easy. The metal on th fender is 
stretched a lot and a co-worker has the Oxy-acetylene  torch tied up. 
The quickie repair with have to wait for another day.

Jim H

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