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Its important to take some info, and or older documents with a grain of salt, as well updated parts to solve old problems have issues as well, typically with  quality control, or the lack of it.


There are two options for a inserted water pump, Burton and Bean, but a properly rebuilt original pump with modern bearing and seal is quite dependable.  Run a bit of water soluble oil keeps the face seal from sticking.

Belt tension doesn't seem to bother the current pump bearing, but rather higher racing rpm.


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> On Jun 18, 2015, at 8:31 AM, cortina-list at lotus-cortina.com wrote:
> I need your thinking caps to be put on.  According to authorities, the twin cam water pump does not like a lot of side load and in racing we usually us a small toothed belt which has virtually zero side load.
> Background: Heresy, I know, I want to figure out how to package a small Vintage Aire system into my Airflow Lotus Cortina.  The magnitude of the task is daunting and the drive belts are a concern. So:
> 1. Does anyone have a tension figure?
> 2. Can someone take pictures of the crank pulley area of their Lotus
>   Cortina. My car being in the rotisserie makes it impossible to mock
>   up the engine for seeing that vital bit of information to help build
>   a crank pulley.
> Jim Hall
> jhall23 at earthlink.net
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