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If it were me the first thing I would do is convert the front cover to an insert type water pump... see the attached from Dave Bean. Once that's done the side load issues are negated and if you do kill a water pump you don't have to pull the front cover and head to replace it.
Also. once the side load issues are gone fitting a small Sanden type compressor would be a piece of cake. You're on your own with the evaporator, condensor, blower and the remaing 100 parts that make up an a/c unit!
John (evidently one of many)

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> Subject: [Cortina-list] Belt tension
> I need your thinking caps to be put on.  According to authorities, the 
> twin cam water pump does not like a lot of side load and in racing we 
> usually us a small toothed belt which has virtually zero side load.
> Background: Heresy, I know, I want to figure out how to package a small 
> Vintage Aire system into my Airflow Lotus Cortina.  The magnitude of the 
> task is daunting and the drive belts are a concern. So:
>  1. Does anyone have a tension figure?
>  2. Can someone take pictures of the crank pulley area of their Lotus
>     Cortina. My car being in the rotisserie makes it impossible to mock
>     up the engine for seeing that vital bit of information to help build
>     a crank pulley.
> Jim Hall
> jhall23 at earthlink.net
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