[Cortina-list] John's Binnacle

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Sun Jun 14 16:52:11 UTC 2015

Thanks John,  I do have the original binnacle for my car, although it 
too needs some repair.  I don't think they fit very well in the 
beginning and mine has had the fake leather grain pattern weathered off. 
It will be a toss up whether to sand it out and do a nice paint job or 
to wrap it in vinyl.

Just as a side story.  After getting the shell back from media blasting 
and mounting it in the rotisserie,  I banged something with a mallet and 
there was a horrible rattle.  I banged a few more times and traced it to 
the heater plenum. The plenum had only been spot welded on the left 
side. I can only imagine the proud owner of a new Lotus Cortina 
complaining about this buzzing rattle and the mechanics not being able 
to find it. "You know they all do this, it is that high performance twin 
cam engine..."

Cheers from the rustoration

Jim Hall

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