[Cortina-list] Utterly off-topic shipping question.

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Sun Jun 14 05:36:06 UTC 2015

     John, (WHAT John?)
          On the same note,I'll be heading to Richmond/Norfolk,VA,
in mid/late September,& will have some room in the rental truck.
I'm planning on selling off all of my MKII Cortina stuff,plus four
1500 rebuildable engines.
        If I can help/anyone's interested,please call me.

                                       - Doug M. (Eureka,CA - 707 445-3354) 

---- cortina-list at lotus-cortina.com wrote: 
> I can really, REALLY use this:
> http://www.ebay.de/itm/121609966665
> (for those who don't want to click through it's a complete set of 
> light-gray C5-series Audi RS6 Avant Recaro seats, of course the whole 
> mess is in Germany, my US-market slushbox S6 Avant is currently getting 
> a 3-pedal swap and likely to be in the household a while...)
> Some of you on this list are a little more adept at international 
> shipping than I, and I'm just wondering about options.
> Cortina content: more than happy to consider consolidating a bunch of 
> stuff in a single shipment to a single consignee somewhere on the West 
> Coast if anyone needs to bring over Euro Ford bits or whatever else...
> John.
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