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My 2 cents ............
I have a pre-airflow LC with the original A frame rear suspension - coil
overs, no leaf, A frame and long tramp bars - all standard stuff.

So let's start at the front. It really doesn't matter how shot your struts
are, all they want is the lower piece for the hub. They weld a new threaded
tube onto the lower piece. So any old struts will do, so long as the king
pin, lower steering arm mounting and Caliper ears are in good condition.

Now for the rear. You cannot put coil overs on the rear easily ! 
Problem 1  -   In the pre-airflow LC the A frame gives the lateral location,
and in the case of the leaf sprung cars, the leaf springs provide the
lateral location. You would have to fabricate some sort of lateral location
if the leaf springs are deleted.   My Twincam Escort race car is a coil over
at the rear, but that has a 4 link tramp bar set up (2 above, and 2 below
the axle, and a Watts link to locate the axle laterally.
Problem 2 - the shock tower does not have enough integrity as a key force
point to feed the rear loads through.  
The A frame suspension LC has a pair of triangulating stiffening bars to
spread the load on the strut top on the rear.  It is well documented that
the during initial testing the rear wing warped as the chassis rails twisted
under load - leading to the need to stiffen the strut location.  The famous
amusing story when it was first observed had Colin Chapman intentionally
standing in-front of the distorted wing talking to the Ford executives,
after Jimmy C had given it an impressive thrashing around the track !
At the rear you are kind of stuck with the leaf springs save for massive

The advantage of coil overs is firstly that the height is adjustable, and
secondly that you are not spending your life chasing NOS shock inserts.
At the rear though you are going to be stuck with the leaf springs, and
having to adjust the height with spacer blocks.  (but that is not exactly a
headache ?) 
Face it, it is unlikely that once you've got it set up to your liking, it is
unlikely that you will tweak it much thereafter.

My Escort has AVO coil overs, but for the LC I went with GAZ. Very impressed
with the GAS struts and rear coil overs, and relatively inexpensive. I
uprated the springs 20%, and it has a very compliant ride, but really good
handling ............

Peter Pentz
Peter.pentz at gmail.com
Saint Charles, IL, USA

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Hello listers,
I've been lurking here for a long time but rarely post, My cortina is used
almost only for track days and I am thinking of going with a coil over set
up on all 4 corners.  The company that does the coil over set up needs front
struts to use to build the coil over "kit". I think I would like to keep my
original struts just in case I want to go back to an original set up.
Does anyone here on the list have a pair of front strut assys. from a 1969
Cortina GT that are useable as base for this build? The inserts don't have
to be any good they just use the "casing" and the stub axle.
Scott in So. Cal.

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