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Wed Sep 26 13:24:42 UTC 2012

Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 20:26:55 -0700
From: "Jon  Sherbeck" <sherbeck at doitnow.com>
Thank you for that education.  What do you have for a '66 L/C axle?  I've
got one off my basket case, that might look better given some attention.  Do
you have lower ratio R&P's?

**Jon, If your axle is original it would be what is called the  
"English" Ford axle, licensed from Salisbury. We have those. Some  
folks convert to the so-called "9-inch of Europe" which is the Capri  
Atlas axle, and is much more robust, but not original to the Cortina.  
We have those LSDs too. The CWP selection is going to open up once  
this group of ex-Quaife emplyees fully fleshes out their product line.  
So half shafts, gearbox internals, CWPs, etc, that will all come in  
good time.

**Wisdom on the current CWP selection on the market: There are two  
distinct price levels you will notice. Places like ebay and the  
magazines show gear sets for around 100UKP, and those are poorly  
treated junk. My customers have noticeably dissolved those after one  
race. Junk from China. The other level is around 200UKP, from reliable  
old line vendors like Burton's (and Team Blitz, this is my 34th year  
of EuroFord parts-selling). These are new European-made gears, and you  
pay for and get the quality you'd expect as a result.


**Team Blitz, 2-1/2 million Capri parts in 7 warehouses. New, Used,
Restoration, & Racing parts technology for your 1970-78 European-built
Capri. http://www.teamblitz.com

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