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Got a blacklist bounce on the last send...

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Subject: Re: [Cortina-list] Oh well...
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> The Saab rotor/Scorpio caliper combination will require at least 14in
> wheels but my front setup - 11in Cosworth Sierra front rotors and
> Contour calipers per the previously-linked kit - may require 15s, so the
> rears are the least of my problem.

I will note that if the question is really "can the Saab rotors be used
on a Cortina or Escort *under 13in wheels*" the answer is "not the ones
I've got" - the face of the rotor is undercut slightly at the bottom at
the hat, and the resulting friction surface is only about .090 wider
than the pad width, so reducing the rotor OD to 9.5in (moving the pads
in approx 0.30in on the rotor disc) would push the bottom of the pads
down off that step.

It is possible that other brands of Saab replacement rotors (these are
US-made Raybestos) might be flat all the way to the hat, in which case I
*think* (don't quote me on this, I haven't measured it...) there'd be
enough room to take 0.6in off the OD of the rotor and still have
sufficient clearance from the hat to the caliper and pad.

The Caprisport guy lists a rear kit for 13in wheels that uses the
solid-rotor Scorpio calipers on a Peugeot rotor of some sort, I don't
know what parts he's using.


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