[Cortina-list] Oh well...

John Miller jem at milleredp.com
Mon Sep 3 21:57:07 UTC 2012

It was somehow pointed out to me that this was one of the annual 
half-price weekends at the Pick-n-pull chain, and until today I had 
neither particular interest nor uncommitted time to go walk the place.

The spouse and daughter went off to a movie late this AM, and a check of 
the Newark inventory turned up a Mk2 Capri - an extra set of struts and 
hubs at the right price would be worth having for my experiments, so I 
rather lost interest in cleaning up the office and threw the tools in 
the Suburban.

Indeed there was a '75 Capri, a V6 stick, fairly intact except for the 
interior, and in 45 min or so I had the struts out.

Walking back toward the front I spotted a rounded gray shape and 
detoured over there.  A Merkur Scorpio.  Quite complete.  Type 9 manual 
transmission still there.  Suspension and brakes intact.

Alas, I had neither the tools nor the time to spend rooting around under 
the car to drop the gearbox.  It'd have been $75 today, tomorrow it's 
back to $150.


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