[Cortina-list] Non-Cortina sightings

JL Fonseca locortjody at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 1 23:55:44 UTC 2012

Funny. I saw a guy in a Forest Green 1600 Capri, at the tire store this week in Watsonville. I gave him my card, and "if you ever want to sell this car.."  

Trouble with Capris is.. I feel like I'm supposed to like them more than I do, and feel guilty for not. Sorry to say "The car you always promised yourself" is not the car I always promised *myself*... still... if you squint hard enough.. and think 5.0 with a T-5....

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>Doing a short errand today, saw a baby blue Pinto- original owner airing up the tires. 2l with a slushbox and amazing blue velour interior. 
>2 minutes later a forest green 1.6l Capri. Forgot how tiny those things are. 
>lou weinert 
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