[Cortina-list] Goodwood 2012 the REAL FACTS

Roger Andriesse roger4safeguard at msn.com
Fri Jan 20 20:07:39 UTC 2012

Ok lets get the facts straight!!!!!

I had a long conversation with Jack Tetely the Director of Competition for 
the Goodwood Revival. Lotus is the featured marque for 2012.

There will be as many Lotus Formula cars and Sports racers invited. No Lotus 
Cortinas will be included as the St Mary's Trophy which is the race for 
saloon cars and this race alternates between 1950's and 1960's cars, 2012 is 
a designated year for the 1950's cars.

However 2013 which is considered by most the real 50th anniversary of the 
Lotus Cortina is a year when the St. Mary's Trophy race features 1960's 
cars. We can look forward to seeing more than the usual number of L/C's 
invited to Goodwood that year.

I can't understand why LCR could not get that info, Last month I made two 
calls the the UK and got throught to Jack Tetley.

As 2013 will be my 70th birthday it will be a great anniversary for old 

Roger Andriesse
1965 L/C RHD
Racecar #543

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> The LCR has tried to make contact with Lord March's minions in order to 
> offer LCs for their Lotus extraviganza but as yet no one has responded, 
> either they already have the required amount of LCs already or they only 
> want pure Lotus cars and not Ford based products, who knows,  It could be 
> that Lord March doesn't want oil dripping on to his pristine gravel drive. 
> So maybe not the huge turnout that some might expect.
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> For you freak-went travelers to Jolly Olde, just a note, in case you
> adn't heard about Loti being on the red carpet at Lord March's annual
> ffair. Hopefully, the LoCort Registry and its friends will have a huge
> urn-out, and give the old tincan the props she deserves....
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