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Team Blitz blitz at teamblitz.com
Sat Jan 14 20:20:10 UTC 2012

PP: AC Cobra was a product of AC Automobiles in the UK - other than using
Ford engines, definitely not Ford.

**Well Old Carroll might have a couple things to say about WHOSE product
the Cobra was. ;D But actually, it's a pretty good analogy to the Perana.
Shell made by a car company with a small displacement engine, and along
comes a fellow who wants to stick a small block Ford into it. He buys
shells and converts them "back home", and sells them as his own thru a
network of contracted Ford dealers. Same pattern as Broadspeed, Uren,
Saleen, etc etc.

PP: Will it shut you up on the subject if I say - yes Norm you're right?  :-)

**Probably not. ;D (Even if I am. ;D)

PP: Big thing I know we agree on was that it was a very cool car!

**You bet! Not the first, but the coolest. Allard and Wayne State
University were first to install a V8 Ford in a Capri. One for sale in the
UK, the other for a regularity fuel trial coast-to-coast.

**Shanti, Norm

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