[Cortina-list] We're getting sloppy around here

blitz at teamblitz.com blitz at teamblitz.com
Thu Jan 12 18:11:32 UTC 2012

We're getting sloppy around here.

"Duratec" and "Zetec" are not technical descriptions of ANYTHING IN
PARTICULAR. They are marketing terms, like "Dodge Hemi" or "BOSS" or
"Small Block Chevrolet" - all of which may have meant something in
particular at ONE POINT IN TIME. But NO LONGER do!

If you want to discuss "Duratecs" or "Zetecs", and you want to be taken
seriously, and want to have a legacy effect (where these archives will
have some sense to them in a few years for those looking for concreete
technical advice), then FOR GOD'S SAKE identify WHICH (!!!!!) Duratec or
Zetec motor you are referring to!


As for the well-worn meme about what motor should I put in my project car,
who really cares? It's an endless circle with no answer. Half the action
is just to poke people in the eye. The other half is preening. In the
final analysis, it's about as interesting as what wig you select for the
big movie night out with your hot date.


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