[Cortina-list] Tell me why I shouldn't

Tim Craig Tim.Craig at invetech.com.au
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The Chinese built 150ft ships with watertight bulkheads 300 years before
anyone else.
Not going down the history, copycat line of chat, only downunder we 
put anything that goes good into cars we like and have fun.
I had a mk1 triumph sedan with a Chrysler v8 in it. It was nicknamed
the "dog on lino" for the way it handled. (lino - linoleum, slippery
floor covering)

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On 1/11/2012 9:50 PM, Peter Pentz wrote:
> Tim, Hate to ask your generational background, and hate to admit mine
> ...... It's an ongoing 30+ War understand....... I refuse absolutely
> to "enjoy" "modern" Eastern technology. Please show me a single
> Eastern (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.) product that isn't a cheap
> mass produced imitation of an original European or American concept.

The Japanese have some very, very interesting toilet seats...

> concepts. When last did you hear of an original design concept
> originating from the Asiatic Belt - Wankel engine - sorry German, 4
> valve per cylinder - French (1911), VANOS - I believe German
> ......... It goes on and on.

There's a whole lot of Ford Escape Hybrids running around with 
powertrains licensed from Toyota.  And all Honda's valvetrain trickery 
owes very little to the Germans.

What the Japanese have done better than anyone has been 
production-engineering.  Figuring how to make a given widget (that may 
well have originated somewhere else) at a cost and to a level of 
refinement that makes high-volume use of that widget practical.

Probably the first visible large-scale automotive example of this was 
the Datsun 510.  Nothing in it that Alfa or BMW hadn't done before, but 
a spectacularly good product nonetheless when you consider that it was 
competing against...well, the Mk2 Cortina, for one.


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