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Peter Pentz peter.pentz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 03:38:38 UTC 2012

Despite our new found Global friendliness ......
Like it or not, Mazda is a Japanese product that has about as much genetic connection to Ford, as my Calculator has to a Slide Rule - .......   none !
So what are we saying here guys - now that Lotus (new Lotus remember) now uses Toyota (Yuk !) engines, we're OK fitting a 60's Elite with a Toyota engine ?
Get real guys, a Mazda is a Bloody (Japanese) Mazda, and not a Ford - English or American !   
Get over it !  Just like fitting a damn Chevy small block in a Mustang. OMG - Henry will turn in his grave.
Fit a Zetech or Duratech and drop Maaaaaaazda out of the conversation Please !!!!

BTW - remember the Cossie Turbo's hitting the 500+ HP stratosphere in the 70's ? -  what do you think the Duratech / Zetech engines are based on ......
Peter P

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On Jan 11, 2012, at 11:02 AM, John Miller <jem at milleredp.com> wrote:

> On 1/10/2012 5:58 PM, Peter Pentz wrote:
>> Durateck or Pinto ! Come now  no Mazda polutents !
> Ah, but Ford owned Mazda then, indeed the Escort, Probe, etc. of the day
> were Mazda designs not to mention the various Mazda manufactured products sold as Fords and, more recently, vice-versa.
> The engine in question was used in quite a few Escort GTs, the Ford-labeled cam cover will fit the '94-97 Mazda BP, I'm not sure if it'll fit the '99-00.
> My turbo-Miata friend advises finding a '99-00 donor car, as those years get a much better head than the earlier motors, but after that they got variable cam timing and etc. which I don't want to deal with.
>> A Pinto 2L will give anything from 160 to 240 ponies - nice ! And
>> it's "period correct".
> "Period correct" might also be defined as "costs real money to add EFI and a 5-speed".
> Part of the attraction of the MX-5 powertrain is that it looks completely usable from crank damper to tailshaft, including intake, clutch actuation, maybe even exhaust.
> The Miata transmisions are much easier to find here than a Type 9, and significantly more compact than a T-5 so there's even the possibility of avoiding tunnel surgery.
> John.
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