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This guy went the Duratec route

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Okay...projects move along, slowly.

'65 Mustang just needs parking brake cables before it goes to the exhaust shop, once it's got mufflers it's key-turning time.   Made certain commitments to my 6yo daughter about riding around (at least the neighborhood) in it by Feb so...

'64 Country Sedan frame needs to come back out but at least I know everything that needs to be done to it while it's out, check the bumpsteer/ackerman on the new ZF steering box location, fab the rear suspension subframe mounts, it'd be half-done now if I i hadn't been Hernia for the Holidays.  Surgery next week.

Anyway, that brings us to the 'tina (a '65 GT as a reminder) which as previously noted isn't much of a car (charitable to call it a roller.)

The engine options are, bit by bit, excluding themselves.

- Looking for a little more oomph than a pushrod 1.6 will provide.

- Saab 2.3 and various GM direct-injection Ecotecs out, too tough to package.

- Pinto 2.0 just doesn't do anything for me.

- 2.9 Cologne might be an option.  So might an OHV 4.0 but all the intakes and FEADs readily available for that motor are truck-shaped.

- At that point I might as well do a 302, spent some time with a measuring tape on a friend's 5.0 with Explorer water pump, but I've got enough quart-in-a-pint-pot cars and I want something easy with this one.

- Had thought Zetec, but Zetec and Duratec not really cost-effective in the US, by the time you've shipped over all the bits needed to point one north-south and bolt it up to a decent 5-speed you've spent real money even before you get to the engine itself.

Which brings me to...Mazda BP (94-97 or 99-00 Miata).

- It's Ford if you squint at it (you can run the Escort GT cam cover on the early ones if you want, not sure if it fits the '99 motor.)

- It's the right physical size and there's lots of existing RWD intake/exhaust plumbing and standalone EFI options.

-  It's rear sump (still planning to shovel money to the UK for an Escort crossmember and front-mount rack so that's good.)

- It's got a perfectly nice 5-speed transmission that doesn't need a $500 bellhousing and oddball clutch package to bolt to the engine.

- The FEAD looks like it was designed to make it easy for you to chuck the AC and PS in the dumpster, unlike the FWD-targeted late Ford fours.

- Have acquaintances with plenty of Miata experience, including ~250HP+ turbo motors.

Any reason I shouldn't?


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