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Wed Jan 11 01:14:07 UTC 2012

Former lister Brett put one in a Mk II, but he is a Mazda engineer..........

Good choice

---- John Miller <jem at milleredp.com> wrote: 
> Okay...projects move along, slowly.
> '65 Mustang just needs parking brake cables before it goes to the 
> exhaust shop, once it's got mufflers it's key-turning time.   Made 
> certain commitments to my 6yo daughter about riding around (at least the 
> neighborhood) in it by Feb so...
> '64 Country Sedan frame needs to come back out but at least I know 
> everything that needs to be done to it while it's out, check the 
> bumpsteer/ackerman on the new ZF steering box location, fab the rear 
> suspension subframe mounts, it'd be half-done now if I i hadn't been 
> Hernia for the Holidays.  Surgery next week.
> Anyway, that brings us to the 'tina (a '65 GT as a reminder) which as 
> previously noted isn't much of a car (charitable to call it a roller.)
> The engine options are, bit by bit, excluding themselves.
> - Looking for a little more oomph than a pushrod 1.6 will provide.
> - Saab 2.3 and various GM direct-injection Ecotecs out, too tough to 
> package.
> - Pinto 2.0 just doesn't do anything for me.
> - 2.9 Cologne might be an option.  So might an OHV 4.0 but all the 
> intakes and FEADs readily available for that motor are truck-shaped.
> - At that point I might as well do a 302, spent some time with a 
> measuring tape on a friend's 5.0 with Explorer water pump, but I've got 
> enough quart-in-a-pint-pot cars and I want something easy with this one.
> - Had thought Zetec, but Zetec and Duratec not really cost-effective in 
> the US, by the time you've shipped over all the bits needed to point one 
> north-south and bolt it up to a decent 5-speed you've spent real money 
> even before you get to the engine itself.
> Which brings me to...Mazda BP (94-97 or 99-00 Miata).
> - It's Ford if you squint at it (you can run the Escort GT cam cover on 
> the early ones if you want, not sure if it fits the '99 motor.)
> - It's the right physical size and there's lots of existing RWD 
> intake/exhaust plumbing and standalone EFI options.
> -  It's rear sump (still planning to shovel money to the UK for an 
> Escort crossmember and front-mount rack so that's good.)
> - It's got a perfectly nice 5-speed transmission that doesn't need a 
> $500 bellhousing and oddball clutch package to bolt to the engine.
> - The FEAD looks like it was designed to make it easy for you to chuck 
> the AC and PS in the dumpster, unlike the FWD-targeted late Ford fours.
> - Have acquaintances with plenty of Miata experience, including ~250HP+ 
> turbo motors.
> Any reason I shouldn't?
> John.
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