[Cortina-list] Water Pump Pulley, NOS units available

Jeff Robbinson jeff at jaeparts.com
Mon Feb 27 18:19:37 UTC 2012

Those seem to be "Uprated" pulleys as found on Pinto and Capri 1600 X-Flows
,judging by the height.

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We have a few New Old Stock (NOS) original Ford 1600cc pulleys in stock.
The Ford # is 691F-8509-AA. Measurements are 4.25" OD, 1-11/16" tall.
Single sheave. Also have used ones. You'll have to tell me if they fit
LoCorts as well as the Crossflow, no idea.

You'd never find these at a NASCAR race or on a marketing name Dura- or
Ze- engine. :D  (Laugh, you'll live longer!)


PS, also have some Cortina emissions charcoal canisters, and some Smith's
exhaust air supply by-pass valves #FVP 2302, used with thermactor-equipped
Cortinas. The canisters and FVP's are both Ford NOS original parts. If you
have a minter Cortina, and you want it back to as-manufactured spec, we
only have a small quantity of these rare bits. These were found on
California-destined Cortinas. Hey-ho, letting you know.

PPS, Finally done kilt the 'coon was down in them-thar shed nesting.... 
Mossberg Plinkster .22 with the 10-round "assualt weapon" scary danger
magazine (cue up the Ennio Morricone soundtrack to my life...)


Team Blitz, 2-1/2 million Capri parts in 7 warehouses. New, Used,
Restoration, & Racing parts technology for your 1970-78 European-built
Capri. http://www.teamblitz.com

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