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I’ll send out more pics as I get it all cleaned, painted, and the fuel cell in….I just got confirmation today that my fuel cell has shipped.  Fuel Safe quoted me $1,800 for an 18” x 18” x 11” box with a 2-1/4” flange around it.  I found a guy on e-bay who sells aluminum cells in standard sizes, but also does custom tanks based on your drawings.
I contacted him, and he quoted me $400 shipped to my door, and that even included a new fuel sender, and anti-slosh baffles.  I’m excited to see how it turned out  The company is called Broke Dick Racing (I’ll wait for the laughing to die down), if anyone is interested.

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You go Ben !
Good job .......
We want finish line photos too .....
Peter P
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When I got my V8 Cortina from Gary K, someone had butchered the trunk floor to fit one of those horrible, plastic fuel cells.  Shortly thereafter, a certain novice 18 year old (me) made the hole even bigger, and added some fliier panel to install at least a steel cell.  

Both of these cells were always a problem because I could never get a good seal around the tank, and the trunk would constantly fill with road grime.  A couple of month ago, Phil Bass came up with a trunk floor from a wrecked car, and today I started making up for past sins.  

I got the panel all fitted, but ran out of daylight before I could break out the welder.  Once it's welded in, I'll repaint the trunk floor, and fit an aluminum cell that is being fabbed to fit the standard hole, but hold 16 gallons.....should be nicer than ever.

Here's what it looked like with the steel cell, and the sound insulation removed....not pretty

Steel cell out, but filler panels still in place

Filler panels cut out

First test fit of donor floor

Cutting donor floor to size

Hole cut to fit donor panel

Donor panel clamped in place for butt-weld 
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