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Bob Woolner r_woolner at mcttelecom.com
Mon Feb 20 22:18:10 UTC 2012

Good evening-

Pauly sent this- I am not sure why it didn't go through, but here it is.


Bob Woolner
Hillsboro, New Hampshire

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>hi bob, tried posting this on list, didn't go thru
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>Subject: [Cortina-list] AMR Locorts
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>Heres some pics of the bremer car, wasn't this one of two AMR 
>Locorts bought in for the 66 Trans Am season?? I beleive Allan 
>moffat ended up with these cars in 67, running them for FoMoCo in 
>the Trans am series. One of them ended up in australia but is most 
>likely back in the UK now, so the other one is perhaps the bremer car??
>It would be interesting to see how many AMR locorts were built as 
>(from what I know) they raced 2 in the 65 ETCC, 2 in the 66 BSCC 
>(only sparodically) and 2 in the 66 US Trans am series... wonder if 
>there was 6 cars built or only 3 or 4 built that were re-configured..

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