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---- KempsonCannons at aol.com wrote: 
Well Peter, you may have to wait a long time to find  anybody willing to 
write the story. I’ve spoken to many of the old guard in  Lotus Cortinas over 
the past couple of years getting the Lotus Cortina website  together, and 
have asked the same question…who’s going to write the definitive  book on the 
Lotus Cortina? The answer is…nobody, and I really can’t understand  this. 
I’ve had long chats with Bob Dance, and have made  interview appointments 
with a couple of ex-Cheshunt guys who have become too ill  or have died 
before I’ve got to meet them. I’ve been contacted by Mick Jones,  who was at 
Boreham from 1963 to 1986, and was the foreman during the Escort  years, from 
1970 onwards. He has given some fantastic information, and has  started to 
introduce some of the other guys from Boreham…the real shakers and  movers in 
the Lotus Cortina days from 1965 onwards. But they are now getting  very 
thin on the ground. 
I’ve been contacted by Graham Robson, author of many  books in the UK, 
mainly on Fords in the Lotus  Cortina / Escort era, offering to help with 
information for the website. I’m  going to see him in March to see what common 
ground we may have, but I don't  think that he's interested in writing a book 
on the Lotus  Cortina.  
I have the archive from Jeff Fenton, who has amassed a  exceptional amount 
of information on the lotus Cortina, which I’m putting on the  site. I’ve 
had a huge number of contacts from guys who raced and rallied Mk 1  and Mk 2 
Lotus Cortinas in the day, who have given me some fantastic information  on 
the cars, the results and the participants. Not one of them is under 65, and 
 many are much older. 
The site is now starting, just starting, to be used as a  reference work by 
some folks…early days, and incomplete as the story  is. 
The conclusion I have reached is that we are the only  guys who are going 
to write the story. The enthusiasts, the guys who have  collected together 
the information over the years, the guys who can be arsed to  put in the time 
to collect together the information and put it in a website /  book for all 
to enjoy. Whilst I have a huge support from many in the  UK, and enthusiasts 
around  the world, I’ve had no input at all from anybody in the USA…
although  several guys have made a big song and dance about making sure I get the 
Ford  Line story ! So far, zip. 
I’ve only fallen out with three guys over doing this work  that I know of…
.Rick and Andy at the LCR, and Bob who (I didn’t know this at the  time) 
runs this list and the other Lotus Cortina website because I pinched a few  
photos from his site to get up and running. Falling out with these guys is a  
great shame and something I regret hugely as we are all enthusiasts for the 
same  bloody thing! Hopefully that situation may rectify itself over time, 
but in the  meantime, have a look at the website and see if there’s something 
that you can  add, especially around the American story….and the Aussie 
story of  course! 
If we wait for somebody else to do something, it will be  way too late. At 
least this way we can capture what we know collectively, which  will be of 
use if somebody does want to write a book on the Lotus  Cortina. 
I’m not doing this to make money, to represent anybodies  product or 
services, or to boost my ego. None of you guys would know me if you  saw me in the 
street. I’m doing it for the interest, and because in 10 years  time it 
will be too late. And I’m not going to be writing the book. 
Have a look…it will take you a couple of hours to go  through the site. 
Mark Kempson
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