[Cortina-list] Wow - Perana featured on Yahoo

Team Blitz blitz at teamblitz.com
Wed Feb 8 19:26:23 UTC 2012

Got one coon. Couple more to go.

For me, just me mind, racing 24 hours as teammates with David and Greg 
Hobbs, I'll take that memory over drinking gin with the Stones. But, I do 
imagine you had a good time.

As for the implied arrogance that none of us could possibly be any good as 
top flight drivers... That's fine, you can "settle" as you see fit. I 
grabbed for the brass ring with all the strength I could muster. I didn't do 
it because one day somebody would invent the internet and I could recite my 
racing CV. I just did it because I had a calling to race, really race, not 
to squawk on a fencerail about my prowess. I'm just a regular ham-n-egger, 
pants-wearing fart, who had a dream and went for it (and still going for it 
occasionally as money and obligations permit).

But, while you (universal you, not aimed at anyone in particular) may think 
there's a pro racecar driver factory somewhere, and if you don't get minted 
there, you're nothing. Well, go tell that to Tiny, Junior, Mario, Jimmy, AJ, 
and a whole lot of guys who were once snot-nosed runts with their pusses 
pressed up against a guardrail.

I'm good with your judgementalism. It means nothing to me.

The world's full of two kinds of people. Those in the arena. And those in 
the stands watching and criticizing.

 Keep laughing. I am. ;D

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