[Cortina-list] Wow - Perana featured on Yahoo

Team Blitz blitz at teamblitz.com
Tue Feb 7 20:15:33 UTC 2012

**LOL, Fionn. And that's the deal right there, isn't it? "Just bring your
credit car out." See, that's WTF is wrong with NASGirl, right there.

**I raced an endurance race with David Hobbs and his son Greg, I arced and
beat the Unser team in their C4 Vette, I raced side by side with Dan
Gurney, Irv Hoerr, Peter Farrell, Steve Saleen, The Archer Bros, Bob
Tullius, Dorsey Schroeder, Scott Sharp, etc etc. I'm not intimidated.
BTDT, don't mean shit to me. Maybe you're impressed enough to stay on the
porch. I'm not. I saw their apexes, saw their lines, did the deal with
them, hour after hour, weekend after weekend, long tow after tow. And I'm
far more frightened on the expressway.

**But I'll tell you what, buddyboy. None of those guys, or any other
roadrace team I knew of, asked me for my credit card. THAT's the problem
with NASCAR. They took a dump on little untalented and insignificant
people like me without a big bank account and corporate polish.

**In 1964 Tiny Lund showed up at the DAYTONA 500 without a ride, without a
sponsor. Somebody gave him a back-up car to start the race at the back of
the pack. The rest is history. THAT, sir, would never ever happen today.
There would be committees of doctors and lawyers to approve this guy or
that guy, and HEY! where's his "franchise" to enter? Does the template of
the fake-never-built body fit? Does he have an FIA learner permit? Has his
momma kissed him and tucked him in every night?

**Stow it. You want me to drive your car? You take your chances. I'm
putting your car under my precious ass. That's my credit card! My life.


Fionn: Wow... big words. Come on out and I'll be happy to cut you lose in
one of
our Winston Cup cars, you name the weekend and I'll clear a seat for you,
just bring your run-flat credit card to cover the damage waiver.

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