[Cortina-list] Christmas Holiday 2012 greetings

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Mon Dec 24 18:40:57 UTC 2012

Thanks Bob, great stuff.

Typical West coast Christmas is 65 deg and sunny, but today we have rain, buckets of it.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Phil in San Diego, CA, USA

---- Bob Woolner <r_woolner at mcttelecom.com> wrote: 
> Good evening List-
> Christmas is fast approaching! Today, here in New Hampshire, it is cold 
> (30 degrees F). While there have been snowfalls... nothing has remained 
> on the ground here, due to daytime warm temperatures... and also some 
> heavy warm rainfall. Oh well. Today, daughters and I drove over to 
> Vermont for an afternoon of skiing, where it was MUCH colder, and there 
> was plenty of snow remaining on the ground, at least at those higher 
> elevations.
> As many of you know, I have been creating an image to share- a tradition 
> that actually goes back to some photo-cards my own father and mother 
> started making and sending in 1949. (perhaps I will scan those, and get 
> those safely stored on-line.. a good project for the upcoming week.) 
> Lately, with our daughters growing and moving on out into the world on 
> their own, I consider how to continue this.
> This year, 2012, Victoria (oldest daughter) graduated from St. Michael's 
> College, and decided to try living in Washington DC. Antoinette (with 
> just 1 year left in her college) visited Victoria last week, and brought 
> down my cameras and related gear. They took a late-night metro ride to 
> near the Capitol, and set this image up... shot a roll... got shut-down, 
> literally just as they finished, by the Capitol Police for setting up a 
> tripod within "distance" of the Capitol... and next-day-mailed the roll 
> of exposed film back to me, which I processed and printed. 150-ish 5x7 
> prints get mailed out.
> A copy of the scanned print can be found here-  
> http://www.lotus-cortina.com/cards/card-pics.htm
> Float your mouse-cursor over the thumbnail images in the left-hand 
> column- the years should "announce" themselves- and click. but this 
> year's thumbnail is the lowest row, 3^rd frame from the left. Mandatory 
> Lotus-Cortina Content-  you can see my Lotus Cortina in the background 
> of the first "splash" picture.  Other images show our daily driver Volvos...
> And so... THANK YOU to this list for help in keeping the Lotus Cortina 
> running, and THANK YOU to this list for offering to help Victoria and 
> Antoinette find a place to stay this past Summer. And THANK YOU, too, 
> for the friendships that I have made through the list.
> Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!
> Sincerely,
> Bob Woolner
> Hillsboro, New Hampshire USA
> 1965 Lotus Cortina
> 1963 Cortina GT
> 1967 Lotus Cortina (mk2) (very very long-term project... well, probably 
> will never run...)
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