[Cortina-list] Christmas Holiday 2012 greetings

andregs ags0008 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 03:53:32 UTC 2012

From: "Bob Woolner" <r_woolner at mcttelecom.com
> As many of you know, I have been creating an image to share- a tradition 
> that actually goes back to some photo-cards my own father and mother 
> started making and sending in 1949.

Brilliant Bob, and I like they tweaked the DC law to get the photo. Your 
photos remind me of the last segment of "This American Life" yesterday, "The 
H Street Sledding Record" by Ron Carlson. The special connection of close 
families, dating back to 1949. Nice


I've no Cortina content to include.

Have Great Holidays and Make All Well.

Andre Samson
Shoreline, WA  usa 

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