[Cortina-list] Christmas Holiday 2012 greetings

Bob Woolner r_woolner at mcttelecom.com
Sun Dec 23 23:53:56 UTC 2012

Good evening List-

Christmas is fast approaching! Today, here in New Hampshire, it is cold 
(30 degrees F). While there have been snowfalls... nothing has remained 
on the ground here, due to daytime warm temperatures... and also some 
heavy warm rainfall. Oh well. Today, daughters and I drove over to 
Vermont for an afternoon of skiing, where it was MUCH colder, and there 
was plenty of snow remaining on the ground, at least at those higher 

As many of you know, I have been creating an image to share- a tradition 
that actually goes back to some photo-cards my own father and mother 
started making and sending in 1949. (perhaps I will scan those, and get 
those safely stored on-line.. a good project for the upcoming week.) 
Lately, with our daughters growing and moving on out into the world on 
their own, I consider how to continue this.

This year, 2012, Victoria (oldest daughter) graduated from St. Michael's 
College, and decided to try living in Washington DC. Antoinette (with 
just 1 year left in her college) visited Victoria last week, and brought 
down my cameras and related gear. They took a late-night metro ride to 
near the Capitol, and set this image up... shot a roll... got shut-down, 
literally just as they finished, by the Capitol Police for setting up a 
tripod within "distance" of the Capitol... and next-day-mailed the roll 
of exposed film back to me, which I processed and printed. 150-ish 5x7 
prints get mailed out.

A copy of the scanned print can be found here-  

Float your mouse-cursor over the thumbnail images in the left-hand 
column- the years should "announce" themselves- and click. but this 
year's thumbnail is the lowest row, 3^rd frame from the left. Mandatory 
Lotus-Cortina Content-  you can see my Lotus Cortina in the background 
of the first "splash" picture.  Other images show our daily driver Volvos...

And so... THANK YOU to this list for help in keeping the Lotus Cortina 
running, and THANK YOU to this list for offering to help Victoria and 
Antoinette find a place to stay this past Summer. And THANK YOU, too, 
for the friendships that I have made through the list.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!


Bob Woolner

Hillsboro, New Hampshire USA

1965 Lotus Cortina
1963 Cortina GT
1967 Lotus Cortina (mk2) (very very long-term project... well, probably 
will never run...)

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