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They might be worth something to the Alfa guys....you could get some 195/60/14 Falken Azenis which are a 180 treadwear performance tire.





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                          The '69 Cortina MKII wagon that I bought came with a 
set of
Gotti wheels.I didn't care for them,& thought that they were cheap wheels,
until I cleaned them up,& took a closer look.
                         These are 3piece alloy wheels - Gold centers,Silver 
(5),Gold rim,& a Silver alloy rim.They're 6X14.
                        I'm not sure wether to sell them, keep them,buy two new 
R14 tires,or go with the Lotus Cortina rims that I have in the garage,or use the
near new '68 GT takoff rims that I have.
                     Any ideas?What's the hot street setup for tires for these 3 

                                                            - Doug 

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