Jackie Ickx leading Graham Hill- photo by Peter Darley

Graham Hill driving CTC14E. Photo by Peter Darley, author of "Jim Clark - Life at Team Lotus".

Photograph courtesy of Martin Jordan of JARROTTS.COM


ex-works MKII Lotus Cortina now in Switzerland

"I am sending you some information on my new baby a Works Lotus Cortina MK2 with an FVA engine in it- a very rare, original works car from Colin Chapman from the year 1967. Here are some pictures of my car. It was sitting 30 years in a museum in England. Then bought from the museum, then restoration started- but never finished-so I was able to buy it!"

"The pictures (above) of the car with the works-wheels, all magnesium, and after a little paint job. It is now in Zurich."

"You can see it racing under (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYQKKlir6sY) racing with Graham Hill at the wheel!!!"

the original works seat where Graham Hill was .....
"2 MK2 Lotus Cortinas were prepared at Cheshunt by Lotus, one works car for Jacky Ickx and the other for Graham Hill. The 2 Lotus-prepared works cars were identical- both cars had the then new FVA Ford Cosworth 4 valve engines. The Lotus prepared cars' suspensions were very different from the normal MK 2 cars. Also the back-axle, much stronger, different mountings and the rearsprings were very sophisticated and expensive- but that's why the cars handle so well. A third car was built at Borneham/Ford, and it had some differences, including different back-axle mountings, and special rear disk brakes."

"They always beat the then-new Porsche 911, which was put (Suprisingly, it was declared as a 4 seater Tourig car)) in this Group 5 series in 1967 (Special Touring Saloon Cars)."

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The lead photo of this page is a scan from Peter Darley's book "Jim Clark- Life at Team Lotus" published by Coterie Press, and was originally used with his permission. Ownership of this photograph has transferred, and is now used courtesy of Martin Jordan of JARROTTS.COM

To read about Peter Darley's book, visit http://www.coteriepress.com/CP_ProductDetail_01.php?Manufacturer=Lotus&Productid=73.

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