BA74FS 59244 - A Gem from the Southern California Desert!

This recent purchase of BA74FS59244 in southern California met my requirements as a straight, original panel, super clean Lotus Cortina with zero rust. The car is very dry, not even a bubble in the paint. It is a Gem!

I bought it from a fellow named Todd Gerstenberger. Todd picked the car up 8 years ago in the desert of southern California where it had been since new, from the original owner, Dean Schneider. While it was registered in Washington state, the car was used as his commute vehicle in southern California during the '60s and '70s, when he worked for defense contractors there. It retains all of the original components, engine, trans, etc.

My car is 59244. I took a lot of notes when I inspected 59247, which was for sale here recently. It also had a model tag like mine (shown below, left) as you would expect since they were built at the same time. (I believe the 59247 car ended up in Australia; the Aussies seem to be buying most of the LHD that have come on the market recently.)

What's nice about this car is that it's a CA car, but just as important it was undercoated early on, maybe just after original purchase. Where some the undercoating has chipped off, the white paint exposed is like new! It's interesting to note, 59247 was also undercoated. They may have been coated at the dealer, as I've been told they were not coated at the factory?

The car has been painted once in the last 5 years or so. The Green stripe is still the correct color! And the entire car, exterior and interior, is complete, and as clean in person as it is in pictures.

Best regards,

Greg Schmitz

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