MKI Cortina


My name is Radek. Iīm from Brno, Czech Republic. My father bought Cortina 10 months ago. It cost 300 Kc, itīs about 10 Euro!?! He bought it from one old man and now he is third owner of the car!?!

His dream was to make car like a sport Lotus Cortina. But I told him, that white colour with red is better than green, isnīt it? We decided to make white-red. Reparation spent over 4 months. Engine is from Ford Sierra, type OHC with 105 Ps, brake and control unit from Ford Escort and many others. Cortina is able to going over 200 km/h!!! We want to show off to you, to the England, the seat of Cortinas and ask to add our photos to your site.

We like to hear your opinion to our Cortina, which became great love of the whole family.


Radek Prikryl
Brno, Czech Republic

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