Royce Miller recently mailed a CD to me containing these scanned images of pages from a photo album, given to him by Myles Kitchen of Aptos, California. The original photographs were taken by Syd Carr, who was a mechanic for Team Lotus during the 1960s. As soon as I received them, I put a temporary page together, and posted it un-linked, while trying to contact Syd regarding these images. But so far, I have not been successful in finding him. If anyone reading this can help locate Syd Carr, please contact me: bw at

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Myles writes:
"Gary Kuntz and I were pitted together (both with Mk1 Lotus Cortinas) at a CSRG race at Sears Point in (2000?...I'm guessing...somewhere around then), when Syd just came by and started chatting about the cars. He told us he had worked for Lotus and had crewed for Jimmy Clark when he ran his Locort. Of course, we were skeptical, but Syd came back the next day with the photos you see. We were QUITE IMPRESSED, to say the least! He had color photocopied them, and since Gary had the scanner, he ended up with the ones Syd gave us. I can't tell which of the blokes in the pics is Syd, as he had aged considerably since then. One of his favorites was when the car fell off the ramps after trying to hurry a bit too much during loading."

"Syd was quite an interesting guy. He got to experience a bit of important Ford history first hand...just knowing Jimmy Clark was very special."

In the meantime, Rich Louderback of Walkersville, Maryland (owner of a 1965 MKI Lotus Cortina roller) saw the temporarily posted pictures, and recognized both the track and the event. He had attended the race that day, and remembered the cars, drivers and the heat. After researching to verify his facts, he contacted me (see below) and supplied some text to accompany the photos.

Rich writes:
"I was really excited by the pictures you posted sent by Royce Miller. Since you are looking for info to accompany the pictures, I can identify some of the pictures even though I do not know Syd Carr. Pictures 1c, 1d, 1e, 1f, 2a, 2b, 2d and 3a are from the 1965 Marlboro 12 hour Sedan race at Marlboro Raceway in Marlboro, Maryland near Washington DC. I attended that race and recognized the track and cars in the pictures. The following descriptions are what I remember of the race and details I recently found in an account of the race in the October 1965 issue of SCCA Sports Car Magazine."