Blimey in Delaware

"I am the 2nd owner of Lulu (July 1966 manufacture), bought from the original owner, Dick Hultberg, in Virginia in February 1970. Still getting to know this fine machine, and we've had quite a journey."

"Lusted after this car after having seen them race in 1965 and 1966 at Marlboro, Maryland - Jackie Stewart, Alan Mann, Sir John Whitmore up in various years. Wish I could have seen Jim Clark race in the European Saloon Championship races."

"It's a daily driver, not a trailer queen, but from 10 feet it looks great. I've gotten very good at reading lips while driving, usually seeing *what*is*that?*. The Delaware tag is BLIMEY, occasionally someone knows what it is."

"Just about everything has been repaired at one time or another. It doesn't have the original engine anymore- installed a steel bottom-end, big-valve 160hp engine a few years ago. Very quick, it makes short work of most modern cars in the stoplight Grand Prix- but advances in suspension technology over the last forty years have reduced our natural cornering advantage."

"You'd think at my age I'd be past the thrill of feeling that engine wind up and hearing those carburetor horns honking, but it ain't so!"


Tom Carter
Delaware, USA

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