"The car was stolen and stripped, in November of 2005. The body was recovered, and this is the replacement motor."

"The motor is a 1600 T/C with a billet crank and all the good stuff inside,11.6 - 1 compression, with twin 45 DCOE carbs. Max RPM 7500, 175 HP and 155Ft/Lbs of torque. Gearbox is a stock ford case with Quaiff straight cut internals, rear end 4.11 Quaiff limited slip. This motor was built by John Wilcox in the UK."

"I found the best way to do an install is fit the bell housing and gearbox with the extension to the motor and you can leave the sway bar in place. With the front of the car on jack stands and a good engine hoist, it is about an hour and a six pack of Sierra Nevada for two old guys."

"In 2008, After 20 hours of racing, this motor (built by John Wilcox in the UK) was freshened by Joe Huffaker at Infineon Raceway, California. There have been no problems at all with this motor and I can tell you it has been run hard."

Roger Andriesse

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